Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I ship a king cake?
We only ship to the 48 states in the continental United States.

If I want a king cake delivered on a certain day, when should I order.
We only ship out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for Saturday delivery (additional fees apply)
For Monday shipout (Tuesday delivery) orders should be placed the friday before, before 3pm.
For Tuesday shipout ( Wednesday delivery) orders should be place on Monday before 3pm.
For Wednesday shipout ( Thursday delivery) orders should be placed on Tuesday before 3pm.
For Thursday shipout (Friday delivery) order should be placed on Wednesday before 3pm

Important Note About Deliveries:
All orders requesting Saturday delivery must be made by Friday before 5PM. Orders placed on Friday will be delivered on Saturday for "1 Day" deliveries (additional fees apply)  

Can a king cake be delivered on Lundi Gras?
No. We can shipout on Monday, but it will not be delivered until Tuesday.

Can a king cake be delivered on Mardi Gras?
Yes, please have your order in before 3pm on Friday, March 4, 2011. The king cake will be shipped out on Monday and delivered on Tuesday.

Does the kingcake come with a baby inside?
YES. Please let everyone know that the baby is inside the king cake.

How many people do your king cakes feed?
Medium feeds 20 - 25

Can I order a king cake after Mardi Gras?
Yes. We ship king cakes all year.


We use only the finest quality ingredients in our products. Our king cakes are all made from scratch and shipped next day air to your home or office anywhere in the world, all year round.